Honana DX-139 Fluorescent Glow Cat Thinking Fish Switch Wall Sticker Home Bedroom Decor




Honana Fluorescent Glow Cat Thinking Fish Switch Wall Sticker Home Bedroom Decor
This Photoluminescent Pigment is environmentally friendly.
Great decoration for bedrooms, nursery rooms, kid's room, etc.
Brand : Honana
Type : Fluorescent Sticker 
Style : Cat Thinking Fish
Material : Plastic
Color : Light Green
Size :
Received : 9cm x 10cm (As the picture showed)

Finished : 14cm x 20cm
Weight : 10g
How it works?
It adsorbs light and glows in the dark. So you must put it in the sun to absorb much light. Or you can also turn on the lights to
let it absorb enough lamplight.  When you  turn off the light and  go to bed, it will glow in the dark.
Package Included:
1 x Honana Fluorescent Glow Cat Thinking Fish Wall Sticker

Additional information

Weight 0.001 kg